Matric Class English Grammar Notes

Matric English Grammar Notes

1- Essays

My Hobby Essay in English for 10th Class

Boy Scouts Essay in Simple English

My Favourite Book Essay in English

My Best Friend Essay in English

My Ambition Essay in English

My Aim in Life

A True Muslim Essay

A Cricket Match Essay

A Hockey Match Essay in English

Television Essay in English

A Rainy Day Essay in Simple English

A Scene at the Railway Station Essay

Our School Canteen Essay in English

Libraries Essay in English

Village Life Essay in Simple English

Life In A Big City Essay in simple English

My House Essay in English

Sports and Games Essay

My Last Day at School

A Farewell Party

2- Stories

Story on Moral Haste Makes Waste

Kindness is a Great Virtue

Story Based on Moral A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Story on Moral All that Glitters is not Gold

Truth is Evergreen

United we Stand Divided we Fall

A Fair Face may hide a Foul Heart

As you sow so shall you Reap

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Pride hath a Fall

Once a liar Always a Liar

It Never pays to overreach yourself

Greed is Curse

A stitch in time saves nine

Union is Strength

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

No Pain No Gain

It is a great virtue to be Helpful

3- Dialogues

4- Letters

Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for his Hospitality during our visit to his House

Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for the Books he Lent to you

Write a Letter to your Sister thanking her for a Gift

Write a Letter to your Brother advising him to take steps to improve his Health

Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his Mother

Write a letter to your Friend requesting him to lend you some Books

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Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on the Marriage of his Sister

Write a Letter to your friend inviting him to spend his Holidays with you

Write a Letter to your Friend congratulating him on his Birthday

Write a letter to your brother about the importance of the study of science subjects

Write a Letter to your Father Requesting him to Send you some extra Funds for payment of Hostel Dues

5- Comprehension

Comprehension Passages with Answers

6- Translations

Translations Passages

7- Verbs & Preposition

Verbs with Prepositions Exercises

8- Direct & Indirect

Direct and Indirect Narration or Speech Exercises

9-Pairs of Words

Pair of Words with Urdu Meaning & Sentences

10- Rearrange the Sentences

Rearrange the Sentence

What’s the way out? Carry out all mental operations in the mind? It’s not an option either, you can’t keep all systems and all agents with their rapidly expanding descriptions in your attention. Therefore, the output is in tabular (or even textual) modeling.
Petr Petrovich plays the role of a husband in a project of one system, a buyer in a project related to another system (and at this moment he can either continue to play the role of a husband if the purchase is connected with the role of a husband, and the husband can disappear for this time – just like how Prince Hamlet disappears while the actor playing him is playing the role of Othello in another play, or even just sleeping at home, taking a break from the theater), a patient in a project related to the third system. If Pyotr Petrovich really reincarnated as Prince Hamlet, then this is a sign in the acting profession that Pyotr Petrovich has gone crazy and confuses himself and Hamlet. It’s the same if a person at work forgets that he is playing the role of an engineer or a manager: he has gone crazy if he thinks that he is an engineer or a manager! Roles are played, they are not reincarnated

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